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Tracking down animal-rights terrorism, FBI raids home in Santa Cruz

By See-Dubya  •  August 10, 2008 07:18 AM

After the terrifying firebombing attacks on two researchers affiliated with UC Santa Cruz last week, the FBI has jumped in to investigate. And the house they’ve searched is the same one they were looking at after a similar animal-rights attack on another researcher’s home in February.

Get this: they’re college students renting the place. But that’s silly; whoever heard of college students getting involved with violent, radical politics?

The landlord thinks his tenants are clean:

Still, [landlord Frank] Male said the tenants never posed any problems or acted suspicious.

“They all seemed like regular UCSC students to me,” he said, adding that they always paid their rent on time. “They don’t drink alcohol. They don’t smoke pot. Every time I’d go over to the house it was immaculate.

Yeah, there’s something deeply wrong there. Those do not sound like ordinary UCSC students to me.

More in the LA Times, including a defense of animal-rights terror by pro-violence animal rights spokesman Jerry Vlasak.

{Post by See-Dubya.}

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