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Thomas Frank, style and soul expert

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 13, 2008 12:14 PM

Thomas Frank is the conservative-bashing historian who wrote “What’s The Matter With Kansas?” and parlayed the book into a pundit career. He’s got a new conservative-bashing tome out and is on the circuit promoting it. He recently gave an interview to a lib Oregon rag, which asked him about one of his astute nuggets of analytical wisdom in the book…concerning my looks and my soul:

You write that former Seattle Times editorialist Michelle Malkin is “a pundit with the appearance of a Bratz doll but the soul of Chucky.” Which Beltway pundit has the darkest soul?

I’m not going to go there. Some of these guys have a good sense of humor.

Yeah. Snort. At least he didn’t say I had the appearance of Chucky and the soul of a Bratz doll.

So, which of the reviled Bratz dolls do I look like?

And: Which doll does Thomas Frank look like?

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