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Video: Democrat calls pastor’s testimony b***s***

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 13, 2008 08:39 AM

Ready for your morning chuckle? A California Democrat lawmaker listened to the global warming testimony of a black pastor and couldn’t take it anymore. After a few minutes of meandering talk by Rev. Robert Jones about how politicians needed to invite minority representatives to speak about how global warming was “impacting” their communities (“Our communities are the ones who suffer more than any other communities – the poor and the underrepresented …It is important to have our perspective”), Democrat Sen. Pat Wiggins, interjected: “Excuse me, but I think your arguments are bullshit.” She didn’t get to explain how or why, though, because the hearing chairman cut in.

It’s rare that elected officials are as unapologetically blunt as Wiggins was after being subjected to entitlement-driven drivel and claptrap. She gets a half-point for daring to be politically incorrect with a core Democrat constituent. But that’s far offset by her out-of-bounds rudeness (Jones was invited to speak) and failure to defend her assertion. Unfortunately for Jones, he didn’t have a snappy rejoinder. An opportunity missed all around.

File it away, though, as another piece of ammunition the next time your lib friends complain about GOP incivility. (Hat tip – The Ugly American at Sondra K’s.)

The Sac Bee has more on the aftermath:

The Rev. Robert Jones went to the Capitol last Wednesday hoping to make his voice heard.

What he got instead was a swear-word laden rebuke from Democratic Sen. Pat Wiggins, who interrupted Jones’ testimony to say: “Excuse me, but I think your arguments are bull—-.”

The exchange left Jones, the senior pastor at Oak Park United Methodist Church, stunned and offended. “It is a slap in the face,” he said in an interview.

The outburst occurred as Jones, 46, testified at an informational hearing on how California will cut global warming emissions. Jones, who is African American, said he went to urge lawmakers to consider minority communities when drafting those regulations.

“Our communities are the ones who suffer more than any other communities – the poor and the underrepresented …,” Jones said. “It is important to have our perspective.”

But after less than two minutes of speaking – and before he could finish – Wiggins blurted out her comment.

A stunned Jones turned to Wiggins and could muster only a “well …” before Sen. Christine Kehoe, a San Diego Democrat and the chairwoman of the hearing, interjected.

“Let me step in here, Pastor Jones, we very much appreciate your presence here today, and you’re right. The community should be part of the discussion and it is,” Kehoe said.

…”There’s a way to disagree without being disrespectful,” Jones said. “As a public servant, particularly a lawmaker, there is a standard of ethics that they should be held to.”



I wonder if we’ll see protests and boycotts and condemnations like we would see in a heartbeat if Wiggins were a Republican.

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