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Sore loser: Obama and Obamedia accuse McCain of “cheating”

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 18, 2008 12:52 AM

No, really. The Obama camp and its media water-carriers are seriously accusing John McCain of “cheating” in his appearance over the weekend at Rick Warren’s Saddleback church forum because he was in his motorcade when the program started– and then escorted to an empty room without media hook-ups. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell spread the unsubstantiated rumor that somehow McCain heard Obama’s questions while on his drive. The nutroots went, well, nuts. The NYTimes piled on (“Despite Assurances, McCain Wasn’t In a ‘Cone of Silence’“). The McCain camp has protested.

And now we have the spectacle of the Democrat presidential nominee and his press entourage bleating about the “cone of silence” because he didn’t fare as well as his opponent.

Yes, the Obama has just confirmed that it is operating in a cone of abject stupidity. Maybe a little less fun in the sun next time, eh, Barry O?

The event wasn’t even head-to-head. How is the Obama team going to behave should The One wipe out in an official debate this fall? The wah-mbulance will be working overtime.

Oh, and I think we know where the Left is headed again. Remember “Is Bush Wired?”

Predicting a massive run on tin foil from now until November…



Warren told CNN Sunday evening, “we flat out asked him” if he heard any of the questions. The McCain campaign “confirmed that McCain did not hear or see any of the broadcast” in the motorcade or after he arrived, Ross said.

When asked if McCain overheard anything, Charlie Black, a McCain adviser who was with him at the time, told CNN: “We were in motorcade until 5:30 p.m. ET; then a holding room in another building with no TV.”

Warren said, “I trust the integrity of both” candidates, and said he “knew they would abide by the rules.” He joked McCain may not have been in the cone of silence, but “he was in the cone of a Secret Service motorcade”.

Scott Ott: Har. How McCain breached the cone.


Update: Here’s the full transcript of the forum.

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