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San Francisco values: Let the illegal alien felons stay!

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 19, 2008 09:58 AM

Unrepentant, open-borders officials in San Francisco want illegal alien felons to stay — and taxpayers to foot their housing and legal fees. Murder victims of sanctuary policies be damned!

Guess the city doesn’t think it has enough blood on its hands yet. Via Jaxon Van Derken at the SF Chron:

A San Francisco city commission has taken a defiant stand against Mayor Gavin Newsom’s directive on young immigrant felons by urging officials to permit the offenders to remain in the city and help pay for their housing, job placement services and immigration lawyers.

Newsom announced last month – in an attempt to quell a growing controversy involving San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy – that the city would no longer shield young illegal immigrant felony offenders from federal authorities for possible deportation.

Three weeks later, the city’s little-known, 15-member Immigrant Rights Commission approved a resolution that ran counter to the mayor’s directive, urging the city to let young immigrant offenders stay in the city. The commission advises the Board of Supervisors and mayor about issues involving immigrants.

It called on San Francisco to pay nonprofit community groups to screen juvenile offenders to determine whether they should be entitled to city-paid immigration attorneys who would help them seek asylum as victims of abandonment, trafficking or abuse.

It also urged the city to provide adequate resources for placing the youths in “culturally appropriate” community programs approved by the juvenile court system, a policy that federal prosecutors have said was akin to harboring illegal immigrants.

And it advised the city to develop and expand safe housing, jobs and other opportunities for unaccompanied immigrant youth “because these youth are extremely vulnerable to exploitation by adult criminals.”

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