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San Francisco values: Another illegal alien sanctuary travesty

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 21, 2008 09:45 AM

Nancy Pelosi had no comment on this latest illegal alien sanctuary travesty. Keep burying your heads in the hand, San Francisco:

An immigrant suspected of being in the United States illegally – freed after being shielded from possible deportation by San Francisco officials despite committing two gang-related assaults as a juvenile – faces charges that he tried to stab a man to death last year in San Mateo County, authorities say.

The case of Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun, now 19, a native of Mexico, is the second in which a youthful offender protected from deportation in San Francisco has later been arrested for a violent crime as an adult.

The San Mateo County stabbing was especially vicious, authorities said – a top prosecutor said the victim had been “gutted, like you gut a pig.”

Uc-Cahun’s history of youth offenses in the city was similar to that of Edwin Ramos, a 21-year-old Salvadoran native facing triple-murder charges in connection with the slayings in June of a San Francisco man and two of his sons on an Excelsior district street.

“How many of these people are there who were the beneficiaries of this process?” asked Joseph Russoniello, the U.S. attorney for Northern California, who has been critical of the city’s practice of shielding immigrants from deportation.

“This is what happens when the best intentions are misapplied,” Russoniello said. “If there was any justification for this program, cases like this certainly undermine that expectation.”

Both Uc-Cahun and Ramos were in San Francisco’s juvenile justice system at least twice during Mayor Gavin Newsom’s time in office, Ramos for an assault and an attempted robbery he committed when he was 17, Uc-Cahun in connection with assaults and other crimes for which he was arrested in 2006.

Juvenile justice officials protected both Ramos and Uc-Cahun from federal authorities under their interpretation of San Francisco’s sanctuary law, which bars the city from cooperating in U.S. efforts to hunt down illegal immigrants.

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