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Conservatives played it coy

By See-Dubya  •  August 29, 2008 11:14 PM

A while back I was seriously concerned about the possibility of a VP Lindsey Graham or a VP Joe Lieberman.

I’m still quite concerned about a Secretary of Labor Linda Chavez or a SecState Richard Armitage. But we dodged a big bullet there on the VP nomination, and I’m grateful.

I think that’s because conservatives knew instinctively that we were locked into a game of chicken with McCain, and the best strategy was to play it cool. Don’t rush to endorse, don’t slather him with money, and yet don’t shun him absolutely to the point that he gives up on us and tries to poach liberal votes instead.

As DoublePlusUndead memorably phrased it:

I haven’t decided what to do, but for those who are willing to eat the turd sandwich, why not try and at least score some condiments?

We played hard to get. And it worked. We got the condiments. Back in February I cautioned that “Have very low expectations about what is feasible here: if we can nudge him slightly right it will be quite an achievement.”

We did. Mmm, good sandwich. Well, better.

So, does this choice make me more likely to vote for McCain? Much.

But if he wants a sign in my yard, he’d better jettison Armitage and the counterproductive Juan Hernandez. (Hey, lefties…why aren’t you guys hitting McCain harder for having the prime Plamegate leaker leading his foreign policy team?)

And maybe that sign ought to look a little more like this:

DISCLAIMER: This post does not constitute tooting my own horn; in no way do I think my post on the subject influenced this outcome in any measurable fashion. I think conservatives are just naturally savvy about these things. It’s why they do well in the private sector.

Oh, and this is purely my own opinion, written on my own time and on my own computer. So there.

{Post by See-Dubya.}

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