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Andrew Sullivan jumps in on Palin’s grandma-gate rumor

By See-Dubya  •  August 31, 2008 10:16 PM

Andrew Sullivan, who once gave me a “Malkin Award” for “excitably” asking questions about the Obama-Ayers connection, is chasing down the TRUE FACTS ABOUT TRIG PALIN like Alex Jones shambling after a 9-11 widow holding a chocolate cake.

Ace wrote me to suggest I “never link this {naughty word} again”, which is a request I’ll gladly accommodate. I don’t think I ever have linked him and I’m certainly not going to reward such a gauche display of Ted-Sampley-level rumormongering with a link, even in order to laugh at him.

Anyway: you know what this reminds me of? Those two nights in 2004 when both John Kerry and John Edwards made a point to bring up DICK CHENEY’S GAY DAUGHTER during their respective debates–a gratuitous, pointless, dank, greasy, creepy cheapshot that reveals the Left to lack class as well as discernment.

(Edwards smarminess at one minute in.)

I guess it’s different because Dick Cheney’s daughter actually was gay, whereas this is a bizarre fantasy. But in both cases: even if this were true, so what? And as I mentioned below, if it were true, it actually makes Palin look saintly in her devotion to family.

The calculated sneering at Dick Cheney’s kid blew up in the Dems’ face. While I don’t wish any more intrusion into the Palins’ family life, I kind of hope the unhinged Left–among whose ranks the oh-so-cultivated Sullivan is now comfortably perched–keep showing this angry, unhinged, bitter snarl to the American public as they indulge their first instinct: going after the candidate’s mentally challenged infant son and high-school aged daughter.

Boors and barbarians. Is there a decent core to the Left–or at least a politically savvy core to the Left–that is willing to take a stand for decency?

Well, thought I’d ask.



A commenter at Ann Althouse’s blog tonight, emphasis mine:

“she has a down syndrome baby, we should vote for her” That is the line by the right. She made her baby part of her schtick.

fair game.

And from 2004:

[Kerry] merely brought up Mary Cheney as a lesbian, out of left field, in order to get her name and sexual orientation into an answer where no such citation was expected, called for, or remotely appropriate. His campaign manager let slip the truth when after the debate she told Fox News’s Chris Wallace that Mary Cheney was “fair game.”


Update (MM): I guess the nutroots think this post from an airline passenger who got a picture with then-pregnant Gov. Palin in late April is a Dan Rather-like fabrication.

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