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End of the trail for See-Dubya

By See-Dubya  •  September 2, 2008 06:41 AM

Some of you commenters have noticed that I’ve begun adding a disclosure statement to the bottom of my posts, noting that the opinions were solely my own, and that the posts were written on my own time, and my own computer. There’s a reason for that, and it involves good news and bad news.

The good news is that I have a new day job–a great one that involves working with some of the issues and, occasionally, some of the personalities discussed on this blog.

The bad news…is that I have a new day job–a great one that involves working with some of the issues and, occasionally, some of the personalities discussed on this blog.

While they haven’t exactly come out and told me “no blogging”, I’m getting a strong sense that they wouldn’t exactly approve. Maybe it would be okay if I had a little out-of-the-way blog that got five hits a day and I posted about nothing but bunion therapy and rutabaga recipes, but not a regular spot on one of the biggest political blogs in the country. I could possibly keep after it and not get found out, but it’s started to feel a little sneaky, and I don’t like feeling sneaky.

There are issues on this side of things, too: without disclosing more about what I do to the readership here, I wouldn’t feel right about blogging about issues I have an interest in. And not wanting to disclose more, it’s limiting what I can write about.

It’s a good time for me to bow out–the Palin pick lets me leave on a good note full of tangy condiments. I feel like the party is rallying back in the right direction and that conservatism is finding its voice again, and the Left is beclowning itself with its unhinged Palin-hatred, declaring her daughter “fair game“. I don’t know whether the GOP will pull this off but it looks like there’s now a fighting chance…and some key Congressional races that might break our way as well.

And we’re winning the war, at least in Iraq. How about that?

So, as great a privilege as this has been, and as addictingly enjoyable as it is, I’ll stop the blogging–mostly, that is; I may log in to hold forth about those rutabagas once in a blue moon, and I may get together a couple of thoughts on the blogosphere for later this week–but for the foreseeable future, I’m done.

Of course, I won’t stop reading blogs. And I’ll still be commenting on them. I’m still depending on this odd little group of odd people I’ve never met to ride herd on the media, analyze the good stuff that comes up, and keep me laughing. So don’t let me down.

There are a lot of online personalities to whom I owe great thanks for the good work they’re doing, but in particular I want to mention Ace of Spades, who planted the blogging bug with me back four years ago; Rusty and the Jawa Report crew, Patterico, and the much-missed Bryan Preston, and Allah (and Ed), each of whom have graciously given me the keys to their blogs for a while.

Big thanks to all of you who have read and commented on my posts. It made me want to offer my best for you.

Most of all I’d like to thank Michelle for the opportunity to guest blog here and for all her encouragement and support. I was drawn to this site from the beginning–back before it got so big–because of Michelle’s unique take on the world. She’s a national treasure, and one of the greatest benefits of blogging here has been getting to know her and her family.

All right, that’s enough, we’re burning daylight. Y’all have a good one.


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