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RNC protest update: Spitting, rock-throwing, poison-spraying, and Cub Scout-harassing

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 2, 2008 02:00 AM

It’s starting to get a little ugly in the Twin Cities. We’ve got reports of buses vandalized and targeted with flying sandbags; delegates spat on and abused by rock-throwers; and Cubs Scouts harassed.

But first, a reminder of my warning last week about the rabble-rousers now causing trouble at the RNC. Here’s what I wrote:

We’ve been having fun mocking the motley assortment of clowns and cads here in Denver for the week, but I’ll add this caveat: Law enforcement in the Twin Cities should remain on guard. A lot of these malefactors are headed down there to join Leftists who have caused serious trouble there. Don’t forget the havoc they have wrought attacking ROTC offices on campuses and recruitment centers across the country. As I got to see up close the other day, many of these grievance-mongers are swelling with unhinged anger. The lesson of the Seattle WTO riots was “Be prepared.” Still operative.

Jim Hoft, who is on the scene, rounds up the latest anarchist tantrums involving poisons sprayed on delegates, an 80-year-old attendee who endured getting spat on, and the vehicles of state contingents getting bombed with sandbags and concrete bags.

John Hinderaker, also on scene, reports on a bus load of Cub Scouts getting terrorized by protesters.

No doubt while the mob was screaming “Love! Peace! Justice!” and goading the police.

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