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Good riddance, Kwame

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 4, 2008 09:42 AM

Obama superdelegate and Detroit corruptocrat mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in court this morning, negotiating a plea deal:

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is expected to appear in court this morning to enter a plea that should end his mayoral tenure and put a coda on the text message scandal that has dogged him for months.

But as of 8:40, Wayne County Circuit Judge David A. Groner was wondering where the attorneys for the mayor were. Meanwhile, TV helicopters were showing activity at the Manoogian Mansion where the mayor lives.

A previously scheduled 9 a.m. meeting was set in regards to the mayor’s two felony cases and it was expected that Kilpatrick would use the hearing to enter his plea.

Even if a deal was not set, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is expected to lay out the details of the final offer she had made to Kilpatrick. Detroit News reporting partner, WXYZ/Channel 7, reported shortly after 8:30 a.m. that a plea deal had been reached.

According to sources, the deal involved guilty pleas to two felonies, four months in jail and as much as a $1 million in restitution. Kilpatrick would then be swept from office and lose his law license, at least temporarily. Lawyers huddled with Kilpatrick at the Manoogian Mansion until 10 p.m. Wednesday. A moving van was spotted outside the mansion along the Detroit River on Thursday morning.

Barack Obama was unavailable for comment, but we do have this on the record:

Flashback: Obama praising Kwame for “doing an outstanding job of gathering together the leadership at every level in Detroit to bring about the kind of renaissance that all of us anticipate for this great city.”


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