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By Michelle Malkin  •  September 4, 2008 04:46 PM

Tons of great e-mail swamping my box. These two stood out:


Being from Massachusetts, something occurred to me today. The feminists have suddenly decided that a mother should be home with her children in lieu of a career. A talk show host in our state today said that there is a “special” bond between “mother” and child (talk show host – Marjorie Eagan, a writer for the Boston Herald).

Since the judiciary in our state legalized gay marriage, may I ask where the “special” bond between “mother” and child is when the parents are two gay men?

I’d love to hear the left address that issue!

Lynne G.
Wilmington, MA


And from Joseph H:

I have never before written to express a political opinion in my life. I was skeptical but very interested in McCain’s VP pick. I hoped she would turn out to be the real thing and not just knee-jerk expression of gender politics.

I have two special needs children, (boys 4 and 2), and a 2-month-old daughter. I’m a lawyer and my wife is a doctor. This morning we watched Fox News’ recap of Palin’s speech as my wife breast-fed the baby and I fed the boys.

My wife has been appalled at the depths too which the reporters have sunk and the so-called women’s rights advocates who have attacked Palin’s choices.

I was struck by Palin’s Courage. I don’t say that lightly. Here’s what happened: the media attacked a postpartum mother of a DS kid, who also has an unwed teen daughter who is pregnant. Thye attacked her at her weakest in her most vulnerable spot. They tried to humiliate, shame, and intimidate her before she ever took the podium. Palin looked like they never laid a glove on her. Wow. I think the message she sends is “don’t be afraid.”

Don’t be afraid of the media attack machine that has all but called you and your family every name in the book.

Don’t be afraid to face down the challenges that life throws you: Dr. tells you that your baby has DS. Don’t be afraid. When you have a kid with special needs you WILL meet a better class of people – the parents of those special needs kids for one – and the people – therapists, teachers, doctors – who devote their lives/carriers to help those kids. Oh by the way – what’s the bonus that comes with your special needs kid? Lifelong unconditional love. So your kid isn’t going to be perfect. Okay, whose kid is?

Don’t be afraid to be a woman with kids and go to work every day.

Don’t be afraid to be a soccer mom and run for mayor with ZERO support against an incumbent to try and make your town better.

Don’t be afraid to succeed – don’t stop at your town improve your state. Run for Governor and win.

Teenage daughter gets pregnant. What to do now? Erase the mistake? Hide? Get out of politics? Or teach your kids the toughest but most important lesson of all: that decisions have consequences. If you make a bad decision, you don’t run away from it. You face it. You face it. Not alone, but with your family standing right next to you. What do you want to teach your kids: the easy way out or moral courage? You teach your kids what real courage is by example.

(My God, her father must be a very proud man today.)

Michelle, tell your kids that’s what courage looks like. Michelle, you tell America that this is what courage looks like. Between McCain and Palin, these may be the two toughest people we have ever nominated.

I donated to McCain today. For the first time.

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