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Your morning P.D.S. alert Updated

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 5, 2008 09:28 AM

Scroll down…another outbreak…

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I wonder if there will be a day that goes by between now and Election Day that I’m posting no less than five of these alerts.

From reader Mike:

I was listening to an R&B station here in town and they were talking about how McCain didn’t speak about the “issues”. The man on the radio started talking about how Obama will beat McCain in the debates. Another person remarked that people will be paying more attention to the VP debate. Then they referred to Palin as a “crazy white bitch” several times and then called her a librarian stripper.

The folks at 97.1 FM told me it was a nationally syndicated Tom Joyner show from ReachMedia and that they would look into the statements. I cannot find it online, but though you might be able to expose this type of racist discourse. I will say that this will not go over well here in NC with either the white or black communities.

Can you imagine if someone on the radio made similar comments about Barack or his wife? The left can say what they want about Rush, but you will never hear trash like that from him. I hope you post this so they can be exposed for espousing racist garbage.


And again: Newsbusters…“Stay Classy, Stephanie Miller: Jokes McCain Picked Palin ‘To Look At Her Ass'”

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