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MTV’s new logo

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 9, 2008 10:30 AM

I adapted my blog report on MTV’s Obama-gasm for the New York Post today. It’s here.

I take special note of America-bashing host Russell Brand’s Osama bin Laden stunt the day after 9/11 and point out that this is a great, big poke in the eye from Obama’s Viacom donors on the seventh anniversary week of the terrorist attacks.

Thanks, Viacom.

Reader Leo Alberti has cooked up an appropriate new logo for the MTV/Viacom Democrat agitprop machine.



I pointed out that the Associated Press delighted in Brand’s attacks on conservatives and President Bush. They weren’t alone:

The music blog of the LA Times newspaper described it as “totally, deliriously in the spirit of transgressive rock and roll”, adding: “Russell Brand is a bad, bad boy. Thank the punk rock saints for that”.

The show business gossip blog Defamer lauded him as the “most gleefully filthy-minded comic to come along in some time”, concluding that although he lost the audience: “We really do like [him]”.

Even the Associated Press, America’s leading news agency, was impressed. Brand’s “rock star style and outlandish candor gave the Los Angeles show a pulse”, it wrote, describing him as “unpredictable, witty and offensive”.

The majority of blog comments about Brand’s performance have been critical, particularly from American readers angry about a foreigner attacking their own president, but the condemnation has been far from unanimous.

Rika on the celebrity website TMZ.com wrote: “Russell Brand did exactly what Russell Brand does… not only that he did it fabulously.”

And while Brand may now be hated by many Americans, at least they know his name. On the day of the awards, two of the top 10 most searched phrases among US internet users were “vma host” (5) and “russell brand” (7), according to Google Trends.

And MTV and Brand are glorying in it, too: “VMA Host Russell Brand Calls Show ‘Dawning Of A New Age For America'”

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