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Gawker lies again

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 17, 2008 06:56 PM

The predictable response from the Gawker smear machine to my criticism of their decision to publish illegally obtained photos of the Palin children?

Slime, false moral equivalence, and more lies.

Here’s the summary, so I don’t have to link and you don’t have to give them traffic:

*They repost the fake bikini photoshop that gives them so much sick pleasure.

*They get their nutroots talking points wrong about the infamous UC Santa Cruz incident. The “college kids” were anti-war militants who publicized their own contact information on a public website and in a public press release in order to tout their efforts to sabotage military recruitment efforts on campus. Those militants never contacted me, never complained, and never asked me to take their public information off my site.

(But never mind. In their warped heads, there’s no difference at all between republishing public information made public by those individuals and publishing private photos of children obtained through the federal crime of illegal e-mail hacking. While we’re on the subject of nutroots talking points, it looks like they forgot to dredge up my “stalking” of the Graeme Frost family and CNN/YouTube debate plants.)

*And to top it all off, they make libelous claims about my second book.

In short: Gawker Media is proud to have violated the Palin children’s privacy and will happily smear those who dare challenge them.


From the Gawker advertising page:

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