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On the Palin e-mail hacker trail

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 22, 2008 12:00 PM

Keeping you up to date on the privacy invasion that the privacy absolutists don’t want to talk about, here’s the latest on the Sarah Palin e-mail hacker case:

A grand jury in Chattanooga could hear testimony this week into the break-in:

A Grand Jury in Chattanooga could reportedly hear testimony this week into the alleged hacking of the personal e-mail of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel said the FBI is investigating the possibility that a University of Tennessee student who is the son of a state legislator from Memphis carried out the hacking.

The report said FBI agents raided the apartment of David Kernell early Sunday morning.

It said friends of Kernell were interviewed, and said they are due to testify about the case in Chattanooga this week.

A federal grand jury is set to convene in Chattanooga on Tuesday.

Kernell is the son of Memphis Democrat Mike Kernell, who acknowledged that his son is being investigated.

WBIR reported on the raid at the party over the weekend:

The FBI is stepping up its investigation into the possibility that a University of Tennessee student hacked into the personal e-mail of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

A person who identified himself as a witness tells 10 News that agents with the FBI served a federal search warrant at the Fort Sanders residence of David Kernell early Sunday morning. Kernell lives in the Commons apartment complex at 1115 Highland Ave.

David Kernell is the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis.

A Department of Justice spokesperson confirmed there has been “investigatory activity” in Knoxville regarding the Palin case, but she said there are no publicly available search warrants, and no charges have been filed.

A separate law enforcement source confirmed to 10 News that a search warrant was served on Kernell’s apartment.

According to the witness, several agents arrived at The Commons of Knoxville around midnight.

They presented their badges upon entering Kernell’s apartment, where several students were having a party, and took down their names.

The witness tells us they asked him and those who did not live in the unit to go outside. He believes the investigators took about 1.5 to 2 hours taking pictures of everything inside the apartment.

Witnesses say Kernell and his friends fled the apartment when the FBI agents arrived.

Analysts says that whoever is caught might face only a slap of the wrist as a result of a DOJ loophole.


Where’s the ACLU when you need them?

Never mind.



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