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PDS Alert: MSNBC dolt calls Palin a dolt for doing what Obama did

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 3, 2008 04:09 AM

Photoshop: David Lunde

Yes, it’s that slavering Chris Matthews at it again. His leg was not tingling last night. His mouth, however, was itching to tear down Sarah Palin.

Her sin? Looking into the camera (via Newsbusters):

You know what I think of people when they come on “Hardball,” and they look at the camera, I think they’re dolts.

If you watched the first presidential debate, then you noticed how much time Obama spent looking into the camera. The NYTimes praised him for it:

The differences were in no small part stylistic and visible with a glance to the stage: a 47-year-old black man who has been in the Senate for nearly four years standing at one lectern, facing a 72-year-old white-haired fixture of the Senate standing across from him. In many ways, Mr. Obama was a very different candidate than he was during the primary battles. He answered questions directly and affirmatively, typically looking right into the camera as he spoke.


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