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Totally superficial water-cooler topic: What’s up with Biden’s forehead?

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 3, 2008 01:11 AM

Before…and after

Let’s end on a lighter note tonight (er, this morning!), because tomorrow it’s back to Battling the Crap Sandwich 2.0. I mentioned this totally superficial water-cooler topic earlier tonight and tons of commenters also have weighed in:

What was up with Joe Biden’s frozen forehead?

It’s his smile lines, too.


The HD broadcast of the debate made it all the more glaring. (And let me note that left-wing blogs have had plenty to say about HD highlighting John McCain’s appearance.) Go ahead and Google “Biden and Botox” in the blog search engine and you’ll see lots of other observations about it, too.

Commenter ddhinnyc: “As a frequent Botox addict, I can confirm this: Biden has not had his eyes done, but he has had his forehead botoxed, and he has had bad hair plugs.”

Commenter nativeaz08: “Biden isn’t tired. He is over botoxed.”

A plastic surgeon weighs in:

It was fun to watch the Biden/Palin VP debates this evening. Not only was the verbal sparring more entertaining and ‘debate-like’- but it was great to see both candiates up close in High Def for more than the few sound-bite seconds that the netowrks have alowed in the past weeks.

A couple of things I noticed….

1. Joe Biden is no stranger to the 30 [gauge] Botox needle. His midline forehead barely moved relative to the wild gesticulations of his lateral brows and forehead. It was creepy to watch him partially animate his upper face.

Totally creepy. Kerry creepy.

Actually, if you stare long enough at the right-hand photo, it starts to look like Dan Rather.


And now back to our regularly scheduled Serious Issues Blogging…


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