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Smear merchant Murtha cancels debate

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 17, 2008 12:09 AM

He smeared our troops and he smeared the voters in his own western Pennsylvania district.

No wonder Democrat Rep. John Murtha doesn’t want to show his smug, bloated face.

Pennsylvania bloggers are buzzing over the corruptocrat’s decision to cancel his appearance at a debate with GOP challenger and Iraq War veteran Bill Russell.

Just call him Congressman Cut and Run.

Via PA Water Cooler:

On the heels of calling his constituents racists, Congressman Jack Murtha (D-Porksylvania) has cancelled his debate with Bill Russell.

Email from Peg Luksik, campaign manager for Bill Russell.


tonight’s debate has been cancelled. Apparently, Mr. Murtha does not want to face his constituents, but is okay with calling them racists.

Feel free to call EVERY news outlet/talk show/ blog you can think of and scream about this latest example of his unwillingness to even pay attention to his constituents.

Allah’s got more on Murtha’s retreat.

Newsbusters covers the MSM non-coverage of the debate cancellation.


Support the Russell Brigade. Stand up for PA:

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