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Heckuva job, RNC

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 22, 2008 12:44 PM


This is the number one story in the blogosphere right now:

Yes, Joe Biden is imploding, but Sarah Palin’s RNC-funded wardrobe budget is the headline. The libs are claiming that some unnamed Republican National Committee donors and members are “disgusted” by the expenditures.

Are you surprised? The RNC has squandered its time and money on a lot of stupid things.

I’m with Mark Tapscott:

Every time I think the campaign professionals at the Republican National Committee can’t possibly do anything else to sink the party, they do something else that simply defies logical explanation. Like taking a candidate who epitomizes Middle American values and spending $150,000 to dress her up in Saks Fifth Avenue finery.

Apparently, they just couldn’t stand the thought of a GOP candidate for vice president actually wearing the same clothes on the campaign trail that she wears in real life. No, they had to go make her look like … one of them.

Did nobody over there think it through and realize doing this would hand Obama and the Democrats the last perfect piece of evidence of how out of touch Republicans are with the real world?

Heckuva job, RNC.

Here is the real Sarah, pre-RNC makeover:

Fortunately for the party makeover consultants, it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing.

She’s got something special that money can’t buy.

SNL’s Lorne Michael acknowledges it:

“I think Palin will continue to be underestimated for a while. I watched the way she connected with people, and she’s powerful. Her politics aren’t my politics. But you can see that she’s a very powerful, very disciplined, incredibly gracious woman. This was her first time out and she’s had a huge impact. People connect to her…

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