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Obama cultists cry wolf: “N-word” yelled at Palin rally! Not.

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 28, 2008 10:26 AM

Go ahead and Google the search terms “Palin,” “Iowa,” and “nigger” right now.

I’ll wait.

Yep, you’ll get a page-full of hysterical blog posts from Obama cultists claiming that someone shouted the n-word over the weekend at a Palin rally. And Palin did nothing, they wail!

A diarist at The Daily Kos drummed up wild-eyed outrage yesterday:

It happened, someone shouts “he’s a n*gger” at Palin’s KKK rally *Video Inside*
by popvent

Mon Oct 27, 2008 at 11:20:44 AM PDT

Being an African-American that has looked past race most of my life, it jolted me to hear what I heard in this video at a recent McCain/Palin KKK rally. One of Palin’s “rabid” supporters decides to further explain why they shouldn’t vote for Obama, and “Mrs Pitbull” doesn’t even bat an eye.

She goes on to talk about what other countries do in regards to socialism, but the fact that she didn’t have the courage to stand up and face the bigot that probably doesn’t represent 90% of the crowd baffles me. It’s 2008, and there are still many people that actually believe that a persons skin color is sufficient enough reason to hate that person.

Maybe I’m being hyper-sensitive, but this is just amazing to me.

I guess when you’re used to preaching, spreading and inciting hatred, things like this won’t phase you. Disgusting! We DESERVE Obama as the President of this great country. Not because he’s black, but because he’s smart and he represents the growth of this country.

Another Kossack clucked: Have you no shame Sarah Palin? – “He’s a n—r”

You claim you would not allow this to happen at your events. You claim you didn’t hear words like socialism and terrorist being yelled.

Can you claim this now? When you stop and stutter, after hearing this?…Have you no shame? Is there any place you won’t stoop to.

One leeetle problem:

No one yelled “nigger” at the mention of Obama.

The word yelled was “redistributor.”

Reader Pam, who attended the rally, e-mailed me:

I attended the Sarah Palin rally in Des Moines, IA on Saturday 10/25 and I videotaped the whole thing. Well, just tonight, I found a video on YouTube that is called “N-word shouted at Palin Rally” and it is a clip from that rally. The part they are showing, I clearly remember, but I thought the person yelled out “redistributor” instead of “he’s a n-word”, so I went back and watched my own videotape.

SURPRISE! What the person actually said was “and stickin’ together” and it was in response to what Sarah Palin was talking about, which had nothing to do with Obama at the time.

…I posted several responses on the YouTube site that they are dead wrong, but of course, no one believes me. It already has a ton of hits and I feel so bad that they are saying that Sarah heard it and didn’t respond. She didn’t respond because IT WASN’T SAID!! It is late at night here, but I called the
McCain headquarters and left a message and sent an email.

Here are the two videos, via Weasel Zippers:

A sane person at the Daily Kos also pointed this out today, but it is likely to get far less attention:

THE LADY WAS SHOUTING “REDISTRIBUTOR”. Period, end of story, let’s move on.

For an entire day, a well-meaning, false, yet highly recommended diary has claimed that the woman was actually shouting “and he’s a nigger!”

I don’t blame the diarist. But we should have known better.

In the wake of the Ashley Todd hoax, they certainly should have known better.

Some online outlets are still spreading the lie:

The racism and hatred of the McCain/Palin hate mob rallies reached a new low. During a recent campaign stop in Iowa, a participant yelled loudly ‘He’s an (n-word).’

Although it was clearly audible to TV cameras and crews, Palin did not address the racist epithet one way or another. The Alaska Governor appears to stumble for a brief moment but keeps on going…As usual, no one at the McCain/Palin rally, from campaign workers to the Secret Service detail, did a thing about it.

Truth be damned. In the far-flung corners of Obama Land, “redistributor” is code for the n-word, anyway.

The Obama Witch Project marches on.


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