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Election Day: America votes

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 4, 2008 08:56 AM

So, will Michelle Obama be calling our country “downright mean” again at the end of the night? Or will she and The One get the chance to “transform” the constitution, the military, the schools, and every other aspect of American life in their image?

Toledo police are gearing up — literally — with gas masks and helmets.

Let me know what turnout looks like in your neck of the woods.

And let me know what local, county, and state races and measures matter most to you.

Some of the down ticket action I’ll be tracking throughout the day (I’ll be adding to the list):

* Murtha/Russell, 12th congressional district, Pa. I belive in miracles.

*Barletta/Kanjorski, 11th CD, Pa. Lou Barletta is the staunch opponent of illegal immigration and mayor of Hazleton. He’s one of the few House GOP candidates poised to take a seat away from a sitting Democrat.

*Franken/Coleman, Minn. Senate. Three scary-as-hell words: Senator Al Franken.

*Washington gubernatorial race. A Dino Rossi-Christine Gregoire rematch. It was razor-thin last time. GOP candidate Rossi is a rock-solid conservative with broad appeal. Watch Sound Politics.

*Senate races by bailout vote.

*Races noted by See-Dubya: Lt. Col Allen West in Florida and Keith Fimian in Northern Virginia.

*Ward Connerly’s anti-racial preference measures in Colorado and Nebraska. Both likely to pass, as they have every single time they’ve made it onto the ballot.

*Prop. 8, the marriage protection initiative in California, and two other marriage measures in Arizona and Florida.

*T. Boone Pickens’ Big Wind boondoggle initiative in Cali.

*Via NR, life and tax measures:

The culture of life is on the ballot in five states. California, Colorado, and South Dakota have the opportunity to limit abortion rights. An initiative in Michigan would permit the destruction of human embryos in scientific research and allow state funding for it. This vote will test the strength of the pro-life movement in a state that is home to many culturally conservative Democrats. Finally, the state of Washington will consider following in the footsteps of its neighbor to the south, Oregon, legalizing euthanasia.

Massachusetts will decide whether to phase out the state’s personal income tax. Voters in Arizona, Florida, Maine, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Oregon also will have a chance to limit or lower their taxes. Coloradoans will ponder raising their state sales tax to provide more services to the disabled. Minnesotans also will have a chance to increase their sales taxes so that the state government can spend more on parks and the arts. Although Minnesotans love the outdoors, taxpayer groups point out that St. Paul already has underwritten such public artworks as sculpture popularly known as “The Big Poo.” Simple disgust may compel enough voters to flush down this tax hike.

*More races to watch from Down The Ticket.


Pajamas Media will have continuous election coverage here.

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