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Obama-pimping teacher: “I should not have said that”

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 8, 2008 10:55 AM

Here’s a very disturbing update to the very disturbing video of Diatha Harris, the Obama-supporting teacher in Cumberland County, N.C. caught on tape hectoring a girl over her support for John McCain Harris now says “she should not have said that.” The student, Cathy Thompson, and her parents don’t want to see her punished.


Because that’s how the teacher always behaves!


The Cumberland County school system is investigating the actions of a former Asheville teacher criticized for “belittling” a student who voiced support for presidential candidate John McCain.

But the parents of that student, and the student herself, said Friday that teacher Diantha Harris did nothing wrong.

“She is usually messing around,” said Cathy Thompson, who was in Harris’ fifth-grade class in May when a Swedish film crew visited for a documentary on American politics. “When she said that, I knew she was messing around.”

What Harris said sparked the ire of conservative bloggers this week after a clip of her from the film “From Bill to Barack” made its way to YouTube. The film aired Monday on Finland’s Swedish language Channel 5…

…Cumberland County is home to Fort Bragg and the 82nd Airborne.

Cathy Thompson said Friday she wasn’t upset at the time. Her parents, Angela Moore and Army Staff Sgt. Robert Thompson, also said they weren’t mad at the teacher.

Moore said her daughter never mentioned feeling as if she was being picked on.

“Mrs. Harris is always active with the children like that,” Moore said. “I have sat in her class when my Cathy was a student, and she was very active with the children. She tries to get them involved with everything.”

Robert Thompson said when he first watched the clip Friday, he understood why some would see it as Harris trying to change his daughter’s mind.

But after hearing Harris’ side and talking with his daughter, he now thinks Harris is “getting a rough deal.”

If parents think Harris’s behavior constitutes acceptable “education,” we are even more screwed than I thought.


More: Reader Will Amos sends a link to this WRAL video of Harris and Cathy appearing on TV together. Harris plays the victim card to full tilt.
She apologizes for the “Your daddy could be in Iraq for 100 years” remark, but insists she did not inject her personal politics into the classroom.

Exclaiming “Oh, Jesus, McCain!” is apparently an expression of neutrality.

I agree with her on one thing: People should stop calling the school district at this point. The superintendent has spoken and he is investigating.



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