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Only in San Francisco

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 22, 2008 04:33 PM

A bunch of punks trashed a mall in San Francisco over the weekend — causing untold damage after throwing food, tossing trash cans, and ransacking kiosks.

Their ostensible reason for the “protest?”

“Solidarity with Greek Uprising.”

A band of demonstrators, many wearing black masks, stormed a bustling San Francisco mall Saturday evening, upending garbage cans and foliage and damaging crystal merchandise at one kiosk.

“It felt like random, vague anarchy,” said Sam Cantrell, who sells sunglasses at a kiosk near the escalators on the street level where the protesters gathered.

“Everyone’s yelling,” he said. “Some people started running up the escalator the wrong way. People were grabbing their babies and running away in fear.”

The disruption began around 6:30 p.m. as holiday shoppers crowded the mall on the last Saturday before Christmas.

Some protesters threw food, police said. Others tried to toss a large planter onto the food court below.

According to mall management, the protesters were part of a “Solidarity with Greek Uprising” demonstration, which began in the Mission District earlier in the afternoon. An international day of action was called on Saturday to protest the death of a young man in Greece in early December.

A half-dozen of the idiots were arrested for misdemeanor vandalism. But don’t expect anything to come of the charges.

It’s San Francisco.


I spoke too soon! A reader e-mails: “I wish it was ‘Only in San Francisco,’ but we had one of these Greek solidarity protests here in Toledo, Ohio as well. The goons held their ridiculous signs and blocked traffic, and had the disgusting nerve to parade around our statue of William Mckinley, which I guess they thought was funny because they were anarchists. They posted flyers with their website news.infoshop.com all over the area as well, and it looks like there have been protests in other cities as well. What the hell is wrong with these people?”

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