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Religious tolerance in Hollywood? What’s that?

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 15, 2009 11:51 AM

Terrifically talented graphic novelist, video game designer, writer, and blogger Doug TenNapel has a must-read piece at Big Hollywood on his first-hand experience with Hollywood’s brand of “religious tolerance.”

Here’s the intro:

I once had a meeting with an executive regarding one of my graphic novels that had been optioned. This exec started the writer’s meeting with a few notes to change some rough spots in the story. This is normal procedure with my work. I have no problem with making these changes, since it’s part of the game given where I’m at in my career. They pay me lots of money so I like these execs when I’m sentenced to work with them. I was taken aback by the first round of notes that went something like this, “For starters, we’re gonna get rid of all this Christian shit from the story, right?”

The exec informed me that religious imagery didn’t sell to American audiences, that it was intolerant and it definitely didn’t export. This was before ‘The Passion of the Christ’ so I can forgive his ignorance of the world’s most popular religion, but it was the word intolerant that struck me. How was the inclusion of religion not tolerant while the removal of it was?

Read the rest.

Doug’s website is here.

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