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Geithner’s tax troubles are not a “triviality”

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 19, 2009 03:24 PM

Maybe I won’t throw you off the bus, after all!

You are not going to believe who described Obama Treasury Secretary nominee Tim Geithner’s serial tax-dodging as a “triviality.”

Charles Krauthammer.

He also calls those who believe Geithner should be denied the nomination “unserious.”

Perhaps that Beltway dinner with The One is paying dividends already?

From the Fox News transcript:

KRAUTHAMMER: I disagree. I think what’s serious here is the fact that our banks are collapsing. Citicorp is crashing. We have record unemployment.

We have in Geithner a guy with amazing experience, extremely smart, who has been in every crisis over the weakness in 2008, all the rescues. He is a man who inspires confidence in our economy, which is what it is really lacking.

And to sink his nomination over what I think is a triviality is simply unserious. Our crisis is too strong, too big, and his is too much of an asset to deny him office over unpaid taxes, which in the end he refunded and repented.

Take a look at his Citi bailout track record. That “inspires confidence?”

Take a look at the new reporting by Byron York, who writes today that Geithner simply cannot explain why he failed to his self-employment taxes four separate years despite routine notification by the IMF and the feds.

Here’s a letter from a self-employed Obama supporter published in the Boston Globe today. Is he “unserious,” too?

TIMOTHY GEITHNER, President-elect Obama’s nominee for Treasury secretary, did not pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for four years, despite having been instructed in a handbook by his employer, the International Monetary Fund, on how to pay his self-employment taxes. And the Obama transition team knew of this when it nominated Geithner in November (“Treasury pick failed to pay taxes,” Jan. 14).

We have a financial system meltdown, and Obama decides to put someone who failed to pay his taxes in charge of the cleanup – and in charge of oversight of the IRS!

Most self-employed people, such as I, pay hefty Social Security taxes quarterly. To appoint Geithner would send a message that it’s OK not to pay these taxes – that is, unless you get caught.

There are many qualified men and women of integrity in our country who can serve as Treasury secretary. I voted for Obama, and wish him success, but I cannot agree with his decision to nominate Geithner.

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