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Burning the midnight oil: The Sellout Amendment is here

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 7, 2009 11:29 PM

The full, cave-in “compromise” porkulus amendment of GOP Sens. Collins, Specter, and Snowe finally arrived in my inbox tonight at 11:14pm Eastern.

So, your representatives of the “most deliberative body in the world” have barely a day to digest and debate the 778-page legislative text before rushing to vote on cloture Monday evening.

Like Dave Ramsey says: “Desperate always reap stupid.”

I’m uploading the whole thing for you so you can see it, too.

Click here for PDF file.

Get out your hip-waders.

Highlights coming.

In the meantime, make note of this observation from Justin Hart in response to the earlier chart outlining the Sellout Amendment’s bottom-line spending statistics (which I blogged about this afternoon here):

[figures in the thousands]
Agriculture: $5,109,430
Commerce: $21,513,000
Defense: $3,746,000
Energy & Water: $53,843,000
Financial & Gen. Govt: $10,762,000
Homeland Security: $5,076,700
Interior: $11,643,600
Labor, HHS, Education: $169,184,000
Military & VA: $7,428,295
THUD: $60,580,500
Appropriations: $365,629,525 (of course, this one isn’t broken out)

Bottom line: Global Warming, Government Healthcare, Teachers Unions, School Building Contractors, Subsidized Housing, and MASSIVE Pork.

Thanks, Turncoat Caucus.


Update 2:10am Eastern. Invaluable Rob Nepell has put up an easy-to-use searchable version of the “compromise”/Sellout Amendment text online at Readthestimulus.org.

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