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Yellow is not mellow: Asian-American files $4 billion lawsuit against insensitive Miley Cyrus

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 12, 2009 06:05 AM

Teen pop star Miley Cyrus posed for a stupid photo with her friends making slant-eye gestures.

Dumb, but nothing to make a federal case out of, right?


Leave it to Asian-American grievance-mongers to blow things completely out of proportion.

To borrow a phrase from President Obama’s favorite inaugural preacher, Rev. Joseph Lowery, yellow is not mellow:

Miley Cyrus has said she meant no offense by a gesture that some have construed as insensitive to Asians — but one woman isn’t buying the pop star’s story, and she thinks Cyrus should pay.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles woman, Lucie J. Kim, has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all Asian Pacific Islanders living in Los Angeles County. And she’s seeking quite a payout: $4 billion.

In the controversial photo, Cyrus, 16, is shown sitting on her boyfriend Justin Gaston’s lap surrounded by a group of friends all making a stereotypical gesture by pulling their eyes into a slanted position.

…Kim’s lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, accuses Cyrus of a civil rights violation and requests at least $4,000 in damages per potential plaintiff, according to TMZ, which says a representative for Cyrus couldn’t be reached Wednesday for comment.

Litigious ethnic mau-mau-ers come in all colors. You can thank the cult of multiculturalism and victimhood chic for spawning these silly creatures.

Two words for all parties involved: Grow up.


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