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And yet more reasons Gary Locke is another Obama mispick

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 24, 2009 02:24 PM

From the left-leaning Seattle Weekly, which has long documented Locke’s cronyism:

Of course, there was that memory loss and all those “I don’t recall . . . I don’t remember” statements to Congressional investigators in 1999, probing his gubernatorial campaign fund-raising efforts; the astonishing $3.2 billion tax break he gave to Boeing while never disclosing he paid $715,000 to – and relied on the advice of – Boeing’s own private consultant and outside auditor for advice; and those favors for his brother-in-law (who lived in the governor’s mansion), including a tax break for his relative’s company, personal intervention in a company dispute, and Locke’s signature on a federal loan application for the company.

Other than that, yes, squeaky clean.


Earlier today: The Chinagate/Buddhist temple cash skeletons in Gary Locke’s closet

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