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Pushback: Where is the MSM on ACORN's foreclosure victimhood scam?

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 26, 2009 05:40 PM

With the impending closure of the Rocky Mountain News and the likely folding of the San Francisco Chronicle, several MSM types are lecturing conservatives that they will rue the death of newspaper journalism as we know it.

I came from the newspaper business, still make a living as a syndicated newspaper columnist, and have many friends and former colleagues of the highest caliber in the industry. And yes, as a proud ink-stained wretch, there is much I will miss about dead-tree media.

But with all due respect, it is not the calamity some are making it out to be. And the lamenters gloss over the glaring editorial deficiencies that have turned so many off to their local and national fishwraps.

In the DC Examiner, Mark Tapscott picks up on the Washington Post’s failure to report the whole truth about ACORN’s foreclosure “victims.” I posted supporting court and public records earlier this week.

Investor’s Business Daily also picked up the info.

Where is the Washington Post, which slavishly printed Hanks’ tall tale without vetting it?

Will they continue to ignore the other side of the story, which doesn’t fit their victim narrative?

But, you know, only credentialed professionals at respectable newspapers know how to investigate.

And conservative blogs don’t do reporting.

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