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Sovereignty and sanity: Saying no to porkulus

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 4, 2009 11:21 AM

This is definitely in line with the “Going Galt” and Tea Party protests: A local government registers its protest against the porkulus funds.

Just say no:

Liberty Twp. Trustees said Tuesday, March 3, they philosophically disagree with the federal stimulus bill approved late last month.

As a result of their protest, a majority of trustees voted against township officials moving forward to start the process of applying for a portion of the $787 billion bill.

Receiving the money would have been a long shot anyway, said Trustee President Patrick Hiltman, who joined Trustee David Kern in issuing the dissenting votes. But township administrators say two local projects totaling approximately $6.5 million — a new firehouse and a new administration building — could have qualified for the federal funds.

“It’s not a stimulus bill, it’s a strangulation bill,” Kern said. “It’s like playing with Monopoly money…

…Trustees said they disagreed with several aspects of the stimulus package, including the rapid three-day turnaround at the federal level and uncertainty about project timing and cost.

They also said there were too many strings attached.

“I know that we’re going to have to pay the piper at some point,” said Hiltman, who was the deciding vote. “There’s no free lunch.”

On a related note, the 10th amendment sovereignty movement is gaining steam:

Last week, HUMAN EVENTS reported that eleven states, Washington, New Hampshire, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas, had all “all introduced bills and resolutions” declaring their sovereignty over Obama’s actions in light of the 10th Amendment.

These actions are in response to the Obama administration’s faux-“stimulus” legislation which directly assaults the rights of states to reject the money coming from the federal government. So far, several Republican governors — among them South Carolina’s Mark Sanford and Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal — have said they would refuse all or part of the stimulus money because of the constitutional infringements and because of the additional unfunded liabilities they impose on the states.

This week, HUMAN EVENTS is happy to report that five more states have decided to invoke the 10th as well.

These five — Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, and West Virginia — have all begun their action under the 10th Amendment in a bid to protect themselves from what they view as nothing less than an unconstitutional usurpation of power on the part of the Obama administration.

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