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No holiday safe from the eco-zealots

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 17, 2009 10:10 AM

Yeesh: “Green Your St. Patrick’s Day Partying.”

3. Vegan eatin’: Vegan corned “beef” and cabbage
I’ve never tried this one, but I’ll say this: I’m increasingly impressed with imitation meat meals. Especially vegan junk food (like Foodswings in Brooklyn). But if you want to reduce the impact of your St. Patrick’s Day food — or if you want to cater to your friends who don’t eat meat, here’s a recipe for Vegan corned “beef” and cabbage.

4. Have a clothing swap party
Recession BONUS: Dress in green and bring clothes you don’t wear anymore to trade with friends. It’s the cheapest, greenest wardrobe option around! Here is the cheesiest possible video explaining the rules of clothing swap parties.

5. Try greener lighting
…which is to say none! That’s right — party by moonlight. Or candlelight. Prove that you can do better than Earth Hour while partying.

Doug Powers says: Spare me.

Call it the wear(y)ing of the Green.

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