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Putting on a great show: Kabuki in the House; Update: 328-93, 90 percent bonus tax passes

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 19, 2009 01:56 PM

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If you haven’t been watching the AIG bonus debate in the House, you really should tune in.

Barney Frank is shrieking. Jumping up and down over parliamentary procedure. Blaming Bush, Bush, Bush, and then attacking GOP for “partisan attacks.”

John Boehner just finished statement: “Are you kidding me? This is joke. Vote no.”

Very effective: Almost all House GOP members have text of Dodd/Treasury/Obama AIG bonus protection clause on paper or in poster board home.

Frank has no response but to blubber.

Hensarling: “What we have here is a legislative cover-up. The Democrats could have prevented this. All of sudden, the [bonus protection] appeared and it has no parents…Here’s a newsflash: No more federal money, AIG, until bonsues are repaid. What happened to the most open, honest Congress in the history of America?”

1:59pm Eastern. Nancy Pelosi praises Democrat leadership for “protecting the national interest.”



GOP Reps. LaTourette and Bachus press Frank on what he knew about Dodd provision insertion in conference committee. After blustering, Frank confesses he didn’t know what was going on — and then goes back to huffing about Bush, Bush, Bush!

Just fyi: Here’s the Fishwrap of Record’s coverage for compare/contrast.


Update 2:45pm Eastern. The 90 percent bonus tax passed 328-93.

With a few minutes left, some Republicans are changing their votes on a separate sense of congress resolution regarding the bonuses.

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