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Gibbs on Geithner: “Uhhhh….uhhhh…uhhh”

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 20, 2009 02:52 PM

The Robert Gibbs Live Comedy Hour WH press briefing is on. Press corps is actually pressing Gibbs on Tim Geithner.

A journo asked Gibbs about the Geithner date discrepancies (March 10? March 3?) Gibbs replied, and I quote: “Uhhh…uhhhh…uhhh…uhhh.”

After having made snarky remarks about “his friends on cable TV” in response to a question about Obama’s rotten week, Gibbs then dismissed Geithner questions by offering to give one of the questioning journalists a dollar to read the latest newspaper accounts of the actual chronology today.

Another journo asked why Gibbs himself used the erroneous March 10 date that Geithner is sticking to even now despite the House hearing video that exposes that lie.

More deflection and uhhhs.

It’s all cable television’s fault!

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