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Video: Obama’s deep bow to the Saudi king

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 2, 2009 01:36 PM

(AFP/Jim Watson)

I have expressed my disgust many times over the years with the Bush administration’s kowtowing to Saudi Arabia. That notorious image of Bush holding hands with Saudi royalty in 2005 and doing sword dances with Wahabbists in 2008 sparked outrage on both the left and the right. The hand-holding has gotten us nowhere — and in fact, has made us less secure.

So I hope all the lefties who tore into Bush over his Saudi prostration will express equal disgust with President HopeAndChange’s literal bowing and scraping to King Abdullah. When JWF sent a link to the photo with Obama bent down like a serf (further than either he or Michelle dipped for Queen Elizabeth, by the way), I tried to give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he dropped a contact lens or penny?

But no, here’s the video. Warning: Emetic alert!


Is this diplomatic protocol?

And if so, when did diplomatic protocol start mattering to Obama, anyway?!


Har. Doug Powers figured it out:

My theory is that the president was only somewhat stooped over because he was trying to show King Abdullah what was on the iPod he brought over for him as a present.

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