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Obama in Baghdad Updated

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 7, 2009 11:18 AM

The Reuters headline reads “Obama hopes visit to Iraq can help resolve problems.”

It appears that Obama thinks his mere presence and aura will help “resolve problems.”

Because of reported bad weather, he won’t make it into the IZ (still called the Green Zone by some) to talk with Iraqi leaders. Instead, he’ll be at Camp Victory making phone calls and meeting with Iraqi PM al Maliki. Later, according to ABC News, he’ll participate in a ceremony awarding 10 Medals of Valor.

Let’s hope he refrains from telling the troops they’re fighting in a “dumb war.”


I can only imagine the scorn the Left would heap on President Bush if this had been his trip (drive-by visit! dog-and-pony show! holed up on a military base instead of getting out among the people! bad weather? b.s.!)…


Update: Six hundred troops cheered Obama. Obama again emphasized that his mere presence will help with “resolving issues?”

“It’s important for us to use all of our influence to encourage the parties to resolve these issues in ways that are equitable. I think that my presence here can help do that,” he said.

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