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CNN’s cover-up and “fair use” abuse

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 20, 2009 11:01 AM

Unhinged CNN reporter Susan Roesgen is on “vacation” after scrapping with Tea Party protesters last week, but her bosses are still hard at work trying to stifle Tea Party voices of dissent. As many of you know, CNN forced the takedown of behind-the-scenes video shot by Andrew Marcus of Founding Bloggers and posted to YouTube. Founding Bloggers has sent and published an open letter to the cable network requesting that the video (which has aired on other TV networks without retribution) be restored:

In short, we suspect that you are harassing us because our product was popular, because we are small, and because you can. We conclude, with some amusement, that your conduct tends to lend validity to the least flattering stereotypes associated with your organization. We live in the era of the internet – it is not so easy to silence people these days, as you will discover. In the final analysis, you will have become the butt of your own joke.

Should you prefer to avoid this fate, we will, of course, welcome the return of our production to its rightful spot – and the 3000+ viewer generated comment-opinions, both in support and in opposition, regarding it. Alternatively, should you prefer to continue on your current course of intimidation and censorship, we will endeavor to counter your actions.

In short, withdraw your fraudulent DMCA claim against our production, and instruct You Tube to restore the clip.

CNN is engaging in blatant abuse of the DMCA to stifle free speech under the guise of “fair use.” Been there, done that. Hot Air successfully fought off a bogus takedown from the bullies at Universal Music Group. I hope the Founding Bloggers do the same — and shame the censors at CNN for eternity.

Patterico recommends an “I am Spartacus” approach. Grab a copy of the forbidden video and post it yourself on YouTube. I’ve posted the video CNN doesn’t want you to see on my account, too:

Patterico also has more background on Susan Roesgen and her bogus reporting on the Jena 6.