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Sean hearts Hugo: The saga continues

By Doug Powers  •  April 23, 2009 08:51 PM

Every few days I like to post something to remind us that, in spite of all the madness and stresses that may encompass our daily lives, we remain inexorably sane and grounded in comparison to some of the attention-starved, hypocritical, “phonier than the contents of bikini tops on Malibu beaches” Hollywood Left sect.

Today’s poster-boy for Thorazine is a frequent guest in the leftist Cuckoo’s Nest: actor Sean Penn.

In a piece at the Huffington Post published yesterday, Sean Penn rode to the rescue of his pal Hugo Chavez, defending the Venezuelan dictator against his American critics like a knight in clueless armor:

I know President Chavez well. Whether or not one agrees with all his policies, what is certainly true of Chavez is that he is a warm and friendly man with a robust sense of humor (who daily risks his own life for his country in ways Dick Cheney could never imagine). To treat such a man coldly is akin to spitting on him. As a country we’ve done enough of that.

Say what you will, but it has only resulted in the self-celebration of our smirking spitters, while costing us international respect, American lives, and left wounds in the hands of our children’s future. The Cheneys, down to the O’Reillys and Hannitys and Limbaughs, effectively hate the principles upon which we were founded. They are among the greatest cowards in all of American history.

Sean’s defending an outspoken, anti-American communist dictator from certain Americans because they hate the principles upon which America was founded? Nothing can better confirm your lucidity, or hone your sense of humor for that matter, that watching a wealthy American actor defending a man who, if in power in this country, would put a fast clamp on the “artistic freedom” of Sean Penn and his vacuous pals. And the Hollywood Left has the gall to call black Republicans “self loathing”?

Whenever I see Penn, Glover, Belafonte, Spacey, et al, sucking up to anti-American, anti-capitalist thugs, goons, tinpots and despots I can’t help but think of the giddy minions boarding the spaceship at the end of the “To Serve Man” episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s a cookbook, Sean!

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about the Hollywood left is that, even though they have more money than brains, most have never been quite stupid enough to move to a country that practices what they preach. But why should they when it might be coming to them?

You can learn all about Penn’s special friendship with Hugo Chavez in Sean’s upcoming sequel:

And don’t forget to catch Sean co-starring in an upcoming Three Stooges movie:

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