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Sarah Palin on Twitter? You betcha! — Update: TV critic has PDS

By Doug Powers  •  April 30, 2009 11:15 AM

Sarah Palin is now using Twitter (AKGovSarahPalin), and I see she’s increased about 100 followers just in the time to write this sentence.

Update: Maybe the governor will be doing some Tweeting about her upcoming appearance on American Chopper. I think I’ll go to the Sturgis rally this August… ya know, just in case.

Update II: Via Newsbusters — The Baltimore Sun’s pencil-necked TV critic put his Palin Derangement Syndrome out for all to see in his description of the American Chopper episode featuring Palin:

Move over, Kate Gosselin, a bigger hot dog than you is coming to The Learning Channel Thursday night when Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appears on American Chopper.

Is this a marriage made in reality TV heaven or what?

Thursday’s episode featues Paul Teutul Sr., the father of the chopper building clan that stars in this series, journeying to Alaska to do research on a special bike that he and his posse are building to honor the 50th anniversary of the state.

And, of course, who better to be his new best biker mama friend than that moose hunting sharpshooter, who blew up any chance the Republicans had to make it to the White House last fall with her divisive rhetoric and disastrous TV interviews.

American Chooper airs at 9 Thursday night on TLC.

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