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Gay marriage mob harasses petition-signers in Washington state

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 2, 2009 10:32 AM

Following in the footsteps of the anti-Prop. 8 mafia, two gay activist groups have announced plans to “out” Washington state citizens who sign petitions to oppose expanding same-sex partnership laws.

Via the Seattle Times:

A group called WhoSigned.org says it will publicize the names of people signing petitions for Referendum 71, which seeks a public vote to overturn a new expansion of Washington’s same-sex partnerships.

WhoSigned.org says it’s partnering with the gay rights group KnowThyNeighbor.org to put the names online.

In a statement Monday, WhoSigned.org says it expects people who see the names online to contact the signers for what may be uncomfortable talks about gay rights.

Now, imagine the uproar if the roles were reversed and anti-gay marriage activists were publicizing the names of petitioners supporting same-sex partnership expansion laws.

But when they do it, they’re not creating a “climate of hate.” They’re just exercising their free speech.

It’s the theme of the day.

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