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Outpouring of support for Dallas vet whose flags were torched

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 2, 2009 12:12 PM

They haven’t found the culprits yet who burned the U.S. and military flags of a former Marine in north Dallas this week.

But support and offers to replace the flags have poured in.

Avi Selk of the Dallas Morning News has the follow-up:

Our little story about a few front-porch flags that got burned in Far North Dallas has sparked a firestorm of attention since it ran on Tuesday.

The story, which my editor discovered from a single line in an obscure police report, (“UNK SUSP BURNED USA FLAG MOUNTED IN FRONT OF COMP RESIDENCE”) has also grabbed the attention of nearly every TV station in Dallas and the Associated Press. It’s also made the rounds on Twitter and caught the eye of conservative blogger Michelle Malkin.

Since writing the article, I’ve been contacted by soldiers, civilians, a flag manufacturer and the agent for Kid Rock — all of whom want to help replace the burned flags. An Army veteran offered up an American flag he said had been flown over several camps and bases in Iraq.

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