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Today: Nationwide protest against socialized medicine & cap-and-tax

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 17, 2009 12:32 PM

Happening at congressional offices across the country right now: Taxpayers are saying no to the Democrats’ government health care takeover plans. Tea Party protests are just getting underway. I’ll post more pics ad reports as they come in. Guess who won’t be there: CNN superhack Susan Roesgen.

From Shirley, here’s the scene at Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office in St. Louis:

And here’s the scene in Mobile, Ala.:


Philip Klein reports:

I just got off a conference call led by Amy Kremer of the National Tea Party Patriots, who said that health care was becoming the focal point of the tea parties. So far, most of the activism on the health care issue has been on the left, led by the group Health Care for Americans Now (a coalition of liberal activist groups and unions). Critics of the tea party movement have argued that there doesn’t seem to be any unifying purpose behind the tea parties beyond general disgruntlement with our Demcratic-run government. So, the health care debate will be a good test as to whether the tea party movement can mobilize its grassroots energy around a specific purpose and actually present a counterweight to the well-financed and organized liberal movement.

Right now, it’s pretty clear from the health care bills we have already seen that the Democratic leadership wants to push through very liberal legislation, and is willing to ram it through without any Republican support. That means moderate Democrats in both the House and Senate will hold the keys to whether President Obama gets what he wants, and if there is any hopes of stopping a government takeover of health care, lawmakers in conservative states and districts will have to feel the heat from their constituents.


Houston protests.

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