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Dr. Obama applies CPR

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 22, 2009 07:24 PM

Here’s your open thread for the Obama emergency revival session on TV tonight.

Conflicting diagnoses:

From Allahpundit, Durbin says no action before August recess.

From Andrew Malcolm, Hoyer says he believes Obamacare will pass next week.

Make a call. Make a difference.

Tom Elia has a phone contact list: Use it!

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Pelosi: Trump’s EO will sabotage O-care (How? She has no idea)

October 12, 2017 06:00 PM by Doug Powers

“Pass it to find out what’s in it” isn’t acceptable anymore?

Obama lied. My FOURTH health plan died.

October 10, 2017 08:18 PM by Michelle Malkin

Surprise! Look who was helping Jimmy Kimmel with ‘nonpartisan’ talking points

September 22, 2017 08:08 PM by Doug Powers

A “bipartisan” assist

Bernie vs. Bernie: Single-payer utopia then & now

September 14, 2017 05:09 PM by Doug Powers

Set course for national insolvency!

Schatz-Care? Because the ACA’s working GREAT, Senate progs push single-payer proposal

September 12, 2017 10:01 AM by Doug Powers

The Grubering continues

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