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Friday photo dump: Defense Dept. releases a pile of Manhattan fly-by pics, manifest

By Doug Powers  •  July 31, 2009 03:57 PM

In the spring, Michelle (along with many others) filed a Freedom of Information Act request concerning the 747 “photo-op” fly-over of the Statue of Liberty in Manhattan. The response to these requests was to dump Louis Caldera (er, I mean to let him resign) and release one photo… on a Friday, of course.

The fly-over reportedly made President Obama “furious” (and this is a president who sat through an anti-American diatribe by Daniel Ortega without batting an eye, so that’s saying something), so clearly it was time to get to the bottom of the incident… many, many weeks later.

Now it’s another Friday afternoon, which means it’s time for a bunch more stuff we’re supposed to forget about by Monday:

The Department of Defense released a flurry of additional photos Friday of Air Force One’s controversial Manhattan flyover in April.

A total of 146 photos were released of the April 27 incident, which panicked many local citizens and prompted officials in the New York metropolitan area to question why the White House Military Office did not make the mission more broadly known.
In May, the White House reluctantly released a single photo of the flyover, prompting 40 organizations, including FOX News, to formally request the Department of Defense to release of the rest of the photos. Citing the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, FOX News also requested records related to the decision not to notify the media or the public of the photo-op.

The Federal Aviation Administration told FOX News in a letter that some of those documents were withheld because they are exempted from FOIA’s mandatory public disclosure requirement due to the “sensitive security information” and information about the “deliberative process” they contained.

Here’s one of the pictures:

Yeah, that was worth the expense.

The manifest that seems to be missing a bit of information is here (PDF).

More pics, “supporting documents,” etc., are here.

Greta Van Susteren has a few questions:

We asked the White House for the pictures on May 1 …and finally, the government is complying!! Here are some questions: why did the White House make all of us spend money for the FOIA request? That seems dumb..and ready for more? The photographer who took the pics is no doubt a professional, yet check out the quality of the photos posted below. The photo #1 is my effort to clean up the photo the White House had posted (their posted picture is #2.) I think my cleaned up photo (#1) better explains why the ridiculous Air Force One flyover terrified New Yorkers…what do you think? why the ho-hum quality pics sent to us? (that they wanted to send us exactly what they took and did not want to fix them so that we did not accuse them of fixing them??? If that is the reason, I don’t blame them. I guess it is better to give us exactly what they have…but I am surprised at the quality. My point and shoot does better!)

With the Obama administration running things, do you feel like a dog surrounded by about a dozen different people who are trying to get you to chase different sticks? Knowing which one(s) not to bother chasing is the hard part.

In any case, there’s one photo that the DoD forgot to release.

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