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The New Black Panther Party's teachable moments on race

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 2, 2009 06:49 PM

Here’s a White House beer summit invite list I’d like to see:

*New Black Panther Party thugs Malik Shabazz, King Samir Shabazz, and Jerry Jackson;

*The Department of Justice trial team that successfully won default judgments against the NBPP for their Election Day voter thug tactics in Philadelphia last fall;

*The poll workers and election lawyers who provided sworn testimony about the racist behavior of the billy club-wielding Samir Shabazz and Jackson;

*Attorney General Eric Holder and any other Obama DOJ appointees who meddled in the case on behalf of the NBPP menaces;

*And GOP Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia, whose investigation of the NBPP whitewash the DOJ continues to stonewall.

Let’s have President Obama lead an honest discussion about the “No Whites Allowed” sign on Jackson’s home pictured above (and please do note that Jackson is an official Democrat Party and Obama campaign poll watcher, as well as an elected member of Philadelphia’s 14th Ward Democratic Committee).

And let’s have a public conversation about this NBPP/Trenton chapter “block party” music video, which calls on black followers to “bang for freedom,” “put the bang right into a cracker’s face,” and if you’re going to bang, bang for black power… hang a cracker [unintelligible] . . .if you’re going to bang, bang on the white devil. . . . burying him near the river bank with the right shovel. . . . community revolution in progress…. banging for crackers to go to hell, we don’t need em:”

Welcome to post-racial America in the Age of Obama!

By dropping the case against the NBPP extremists who yelled “You’re about to be ruled by the black man, cracker” as they physically attempted to block poll watchers, crime-coddling AG Eric Holder — a charter member of the Culture of Corruption Dirty Dozen — has sent an unmistakable signal to these armed militants: Keep doing what you’re doing.

Judge the Obama bully boys by the company they keep.


(Some questions about whether these examples are authentic, so I’m moving them down here and looking for more verification. “The Obama Forum” is apparently a spoof site by anti-Obama website founders that many pro-Obama activists mistook for a real forum for their rantings.)

*Let’s have a teachable moment about this recent posting from defendant Samir Shabazz (click here or on .jpg below for full-size image), which declares: “i has waited all my life for the day that Strong black men could stand outside a voting poll in a Honk neighborhood and beat republiKKKan voters with a baseball bat to keep the motherf**kers from voting for they racist candidate and walk away scott free and be a hero in the Black community…it time we ante up on these white motherf***kers and take it to the next level.” (And yes, it’s really Shabazz posting, according to a source close to the NBPP case. He’s posted more than 1,400 times in this forum. Also note in his tagline that he lists ACORN):

…Guess what? They’re taking their cues. Another militant cheers Eric Holder for “standing with NBPP” and brays: “If they think the Philly voter booth incident was threatening wait till the census..or better yet 2012.”

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