Coming next: A texting czar?

Not a joke: “LaHood calls summit on distracted driving.”

Because government doesn’t have enough to do or undo.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Tuesday he will convene a summit of experts to figure out what to do about driver cell phone use and texting, practices that studies—and a growing number of accidents—show can be deadly.LaHood said he intends to gather senior transportation officials, safety advocates, law enforcement representatives, members of Congress and academics who study distracted driving for the summit next month in Washington.”The public is sick and tired of people being distracted and causing accidents,” LaHood told a news conference. “We all know texting while driving is dangerous and we are going to do something about it so that responsible drivers don’t have to worry about it when they or a loved one get on the road.”If it were up to him, he would ban texting while driving, LaHood said.

I smell a texting czar coming on…

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