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Hair-raising: More hard-hitting MSM coverage of Michelle Obama

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 28, 2009 01:47 PM

Last week, the tough-nosed MSM dug deep to uncover the scandal of Michelle Obama’s shorts.

This week, TIME magazine shows the suck-ups how it’s really done.

The prestigious publication investigates…

Michelle Obama’s hair.

Yes, her hair.

You will learn “Why Michelle’s Hair Matters.”

You will get explosive details about her updos and silky strands.

And also, her hair is all your fault:

The choice many black women make to alter their hair’s natural texture has undeniable historical and psychological underpinnings. It has been attributed to everything from a history of oppression and assimilation to media-influenced notions of beauty…

Because this is the important news you need to know.

Ignore the crony ties, her meddling in the firing of the Americorps inspector general, and her central role in Team Obama’s Culture of Corruption.

What you need to know is the difference between a “flip-out” and “flip-under.”

Stay informed!

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