Union politicking at the pulpit

Church sermons that espouse conservative values are met with hysterical cries of “theocracy!”

But orchestrated campaigns by Big Labor bosses to fill churches with Democrat-supporting pulpit speeches are met with…the sounds of crickets chirping.

Check out the AFL-CIO’s latest initiative to preach Obamacare at houses of faith across the country:

Each Labor Day weekend, Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) and the AFL-CIO sponsor the Labor in the Pulpits /on the Bimah /in the Minbar program, which highlights the shared goals of the faith community and the union movement for a new vision for justice in our communities.As part of Labor in the Pulpits, union members serve as guest speakers in congregations to speak out about their faith, work and the union movement. Some AFL-CIO central labor councils use this program as an opportunity to host a Faith and Labor meeting in which participants discuss important issues facing workers in their local communities and reaffirm their shared commitments to social justice. This year, more than 1,000 faith congregations are participating in Labor in the Pulpits.Over the years, the Labor in the Pulpits program has helped thousands of congregations focus their Labor Day weekend services on the injustices facing low-wage workers and the religious community’s efforts to support those workers’ struggles for living wages and family-sustaining benefits.Says IWJ Executive Director Kim Bobo: Labor in the Pulpits /on the Bimah /in the Minbar expresses in a very clear way the bonds between religion and labor. Every major religion teaches respect for work and the moral duty to care for the poor and foster social justice-the same goals that the union movement holds. Those shared goals create a natural bond between us. That bond is even stronger this year as we stand poised to bring about real change in our country from reforming health care to stopping wage theft and making our workplaces more democratic.

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