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The Holdren & Letterman lovefest

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 3, 2009 08:42 AM

So, I forced myself to watch the Population Control Freak and the Perv on CBS last night.

I can report to you that wackjob science czar John Holdren’s stonewalling press office will be very happy this morning.

A deferential David Letterman didn’t breathe a word about Holdren’s radical views, his extreme published works, his phenomenally wrong-headed predictions, or his eugenics-obsessed intellectual mentors.

Instead, Letterman lectured his audience to “pay attention” to his “fun” and “informational” interview with Holdren.

Letterman grilled him on whether he felt “exhilaration or frustration” about his job advising the White House — which Holdren used as an opportunity to bash Bush/Cheney.

With furrowed brow, Letterman drummed up global warming fear, indignantly asserted that “Coal is the culprit,” and fretted that “My son might not have a chance to see snow!”

It was even too thick for fear-mongerer Holdren, who joked that “It depends on what altitude he lives at.”

Letterman concluded with encomiums to Holdren and pronounced himself relieved. “We have many reasons to breathe easier and you’re one of them!”

Alas, my Top 10 list of nuttiest Holdren quotes didn’t get into the hands of Letterman’s writers in time.

What next for Holdren on his tour of tough media venues? Dancing With the Stars?

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