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Obama speech tailgate party & BOHICA prep

By Doug Powers  •  September 9, 2009 04:24 PM

Shortly before Obama begins reading the teleprompter to Congress about how vitally important is for all of us to have immediate access to affordable health care… in 2013… just after the next presidential election (otherwise known as “Blame Bush, year 5”), I’ll put up a new post and live-blog the speech a bit, so join us if you’re able!

Until then, NRO’s Jim Geraghty brings us “Obama Health-Care Speech Bingo” — 25 phrases you’re likely to hear tonight, or some maybe not so much. Jim notes that this could be made into a drinking game, but it could result in alcohol poisoning, so you have been warned.

But if you really want to get trashed, do a shot every time Nancy Pelosi blinks.

Click here for a sneak preview of an Obamacare end-of-life counseling session, coming soon to one possible future near you.

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